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Start changing your life. Talk to a CBT therapist

Online therapy sessions over Zoom, as well as in person in Yeovil and Frome, Somerset.


Reduced price sessions are available at the Queen Camel venue. Please get in touch for more details!


Gain control of your life.

It's so easy to become weighed down by disruptive thoughts, negative habits and behaviours, or personal obstacles that result in stress, anxiety and fear.

Whatever the issue you wish to discuss, challenge or overcome, you can explore them without fear of judgement or prejudice with Marilyn.

Difficulties you may wish to address include, but are not limited to:

  • Breaking bad habits and resolving negative behaviours

  • Overcoming fears and phobias

  • Resolving personal obstacles

  • Reducing stress and worry

  • Anger management

  • Self-improvement and confidence boosting

  • Relief of physical symptoms and ailments

  • Reaching personal goals and making the most of life

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It's not easy to change the way you react and respond to situations that cause you distress. Cognitive behavioural therapy can equip you with the coping skills you need. Over the course of each session with Marilyn, you will learn to make those subtle but all-important changes to the way you think, feel and act.

CBT is a very useful tool for challenging mood disorders and compulsive behaviours.


Hypnotherapy induces a sense of deep relaxation and focused attention in the patient. Once in this state of mind, Marilyn uses gentle suggestion to influence your unconscious behaviours in positive ways.

Many people seek Marilyn's hypnotherapy services to address such issues as:

  • Fear of flying

  • Fear of public speaking

  • Living and eating more healthily

  • Anxiety and low mood

  • Stress

  • Anger management

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Meditation has been used for centuries to focus the mind and allow partitioner the time to relax and unwind.

This ancient technique can have a variety of benefits, which include:

  • Reducing tension and stress

  • Relieving anxiety and overcoming fear

  • Focus and concentration development

  • Self-discipline and goal visualisation

  • Confidence and relaxation




Nine Springs Natural Health Centre,

70 Hendford,


BA20 1UR

Sessions in Yeovil run on Tuesdays
See Yeovil map

Queen Camel:

The Old School,

High Street,

Queen Camel,


BA22 7NH

Sessions in Queen Camel run on Fridays
See Queen Camel map

Frome Therapy Rooms
Turnpike House
18 Bridge St.
BA11 1BB
See Frome map


Online sessions take place on Wednesdays


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